Hey Satan – Orange Moon


Hey Satan

What if Ian Astbury had fronted Kyuss instead of John Garcia? Well, this one requires you take a bowl of your finest Cult-like, voodoo child boogie rock and pack it full of the desert sun! For me, Queens of the Stone Age were a total wormhole band, they lead me to bands such as Roadsaw, Atomic Bitchwax, Dozer, Turbonegro ect … These are bands that honor the best of 70’s rock, glam, grunge and hair metal but chew them up and spit ’em out in tangents.

Now, what separates Hey Satan! from the rest of the pack is definitely the Swedish connection, they bring a commonwealth of melody and groove. I’ve always loved the idea of this particular strain of desert fuzz traveling across distant shores to places where the sun barely pokes it’s head. Whether you’re kicking back to Golgotha Beach or munchin’ Pork Tournedos, this album states quite blatantly that there’s a place where you can crank fuzz and look puzzled all the time! Another element that grabs my attention are the drums, expertly recorded,  versus the old blunt, brassy tones of aged Kyuss records. I’ve often been of the opinion that they are long overdue for some cleanup sessions. But we are now in the territory of nitpicking and these tunes are meant for chasing down chalices of cold brew, tapping the little green giant on its shoulder and sending the volume knob on an upward trajectory! – Apache Slomo 


Nostalgia for the Future – An Appreciation of “Shake the Frost” by Tyler Childers


There’s something inside of me that is very susceptible to the feeling of nostalgia.  Now, the definition of nostalgia is as follows:

“A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.”

For the past.  I am very lucky to have many great memories and experiences with family and friends, so many that it brings me to tears at times.  I’ve had a great life.  There’s plenty to be nostalgic about.  Now, as far as I know, due to my very brief online research just a moment ago, there is not a word that represents having that same feeling for the future.  “Wistful for the future” is a phrase I saw, and I don’t suppose that’s incorrect, but, to me, nostalgia represents a very specific, deep feeling, much stronger than just “wistful”, and so even though it is technically incorrect, I’m choosing to rebrand it as “Nostalgia for the Future”.  Now you know what I mean.

There are many songs that evoke this feeling for me; a longing for something I’ve never had or haven’t had for a long time, and I could go in depth about every single one of them if free time wasn’t scarce.  These are the songs I end up repeating the most, hoping to feel it every time, and with much success.

The words in this song paint vivid pictures of love, regret, and nostalgia.  I’m not sure I’ve ever loved someone like the mountains love the way the morning opens to a soft a bright greeting from the sun, but doesn’t that sound truly amazing?  Maybe I have and I just didn’t know it at the time, which is perhaps another story.  Regardless, feeling that way is something I have an intense wistful affection to potentially feel in the future.

The chorus brings in a strong sense of realizing he is wrong and that he needs to change in order to keep the person he so beautifully describes his love for in the both verses.  It’s a desperate, last chance plea, completely void of ego and foolish pride.  This is something I severely lacked in the past and am just starting to find with every year that passes.

Every word here hits me personally in one way or another.  This is beautiful poetry, and it doesn’t hurt that his voice truly great on it’s own and is twisted up with emotion when he breathes life into this.  This is flawless songwriting and execution, and it never fails to flood me with nostalgia for the past, and for the future.

Listen to the song above and read along.  Also check out the raw live performance at the bottom.

“You remind me of a Sunday
Back home in ol’ Kentucky
With the church choirs just beltin’ to the pines
And I love you like the mountains
Loves the way the mornin’ opens
To a soft and bright greetin’ from the sun

So if it’d make you stay
I wouldn’t act so angry all the time
I wouldn’t keep it all inside
And I’d let you know how much I loved you every day
So darlin’ will ya stay right here
And shake this frost off of my bones

Well I used to ride a Mustang
And I’d run that thing on high hopes
Til’ they raised the price of dreams so high I couldn’t pay
So I let that car just sit there
When I should’ve took you driving
With the windows down while the music played

So if it’d make you stay
I wouldn’t act so angry all the time
I wouldn’t keep it all inside
And I’d let you know how much I loved you every day
So darlin’ will ya stay right here
And shake this frost off of my bones

Darlin’ will ya stay right here
And shake this frost off of my bones”

 – MCG.

The 10 Best Albums of Quarter 1, 2019.

2019 is off and rolling at a hellacious pace!  So many albums worthy of note, we had an extremely rough time narrowing it down to just ten albums.  There were so many changes to the list up until the last minute.  If we did honorable mentions for this it would be damn near 25 long.  Enjoy the cream of the crop!


The Island by Volcano

Let the Lava Flow! I’ve always been of the mindset that you have to burn things up a bit, only to begin again and rebuild. What if you melted down the James Gang, Frank Zappa and Afrika Bambaataa into Cans of soup? With dudes from Harsh Toke, Loom and JOY in the mix this album should be your recess, your time to grab a handful of dirt and sniff it! – Apache Slomo

Low Dose by Low Dose

Low Dose ease you into a false sense of security with opener “Low” and before long you’re immersed in a whirlwind of organized chaos.  This is a snarling ripper full of hard riffs, spacious grooves, and assaulting melodies.  No punches were pulled in the making of this album, as it should be.

– MCG.


Certain Death by Dead Heat

Just like good Chinese, you know when you’ve struck orange duck gold! Hardcore and punk are no different in that regard, you usually know before 1:36 of the first tune if you’ll return again. While I don’t know much about who Dead Heat are as people I don’t really give two-shits, as they provide me with the daily wherewithal to dodge cars in traffic and if needs be, rip some throats! – Apache Slomo 



DEATH MAGIC was one of my favorite albums of 2015 and so I pressed play on SLAVES OF FEAR with much anticipatory excitement.  HEALTH delivered once more, not venturing too far away from the formula that got them to the dance, and that’s perfectly fine with me because it’s a dark and sexy cloud of sound that they conjure up with every effort.

 – MCG.


It’s Real by Ex Hex

Rocket From the Crypt have a pretty phenomenal song titled born in ’69, well I was born in ’79 and feel I’ve somehow inherited those fuzzy-warm Camaro rock sounds as they were piped right into my bloodstream over FM waves! With a pedigree like Mary Timony’s, it’s no surprise that these simple-on-the surface tunes come with a sharp power pop edge.  Just in time for Spring this album is all about cool shades, cold brews and carte blanche! – Apache Slomo

Lifelike by FACS

As much as I love this band and album, I almost didn’t include it here, because 6 songs is technically an EP right?  The internet says 3-5 tracks, some places it says 4-6 tracks, but when it comes down to it, I don’t fucking care.  This thing rips, and it needs to be heard.  On Negative Houses, FACS conjured up at dark, swirling abyss for us all to gaze into, and on this new effort the abyss begins to gaze back into us as we are sucked further into their magic like stars into a black hole.  It’s rhythmic, it’s abstract, it’s challenging, and it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

 – MCG.


High Anxiety by Oozing Wound

Have you heard Die on Mars yet? Well, it starts off with this monolithic Sabbath riff and then explodes into a crust punk freedom run. I find it to be no coincidence that I’m writing about this album 25 years after the death of Kurt Cobain cause this is exactly the kind of band he would have championed. If you dig Pissed Jeans or KEN Mode this breed of vitriol is right up your alley. – Apache Slomo


Nest by Brutus

Speaking purely to the numbers, female drummers are rare.  Female drummers that sing, and sing well, are even more rare.  Add to that a guitarist and bassist with great chemistry and you have yourself one of the most interesting power trios currently making music.  On Nest, Brutus build an ambitious structural frame on the groundwork they laid with their first album resulting in an eleven song effort that is monumental, stately, and fun.

– MCG.


Haze County by Crypt Trip 

Last year Crypt Trip delivered a true slice of classic rock in the form of Rootstock which was easily one of my favorite albums of the year. They return to us less than one year later with some additional country tinged swagger and beautiful slide guitar in the mix. What I love most about Crypt Trip is the detours they take within a certain song, pay attention because this 3-piece can stop and turn on a dime! – Apache Slomo




On The Line by Jenny Lewis

From the first time I heard “Red Bull & Hennessy” I knew I was going to take a liking to this album.  Jenny Lewis has only been present on the periphery of my music knowledge since Rilo Kiley, but nothing has grabbed me the way this album has.  Some songs are heavy and somber, some are light and fun, but all the lyrics and melodies are delivered masterfully.  You can’t help but smirk at lines like “I was a girl in a black Corvette / getting head in the shadows” and “I’m about to get wicked / you got me lying on my back”.  Oh my!

– MCG.

Ones We Missed: Negative Houses by FACS

My god, what an incredible album this is.  It’s some kind of demented and artful post-punk.  It’s somehow unnerving and empowering at the same time.  It’s the slight winds through the trees as you stare at the dreadful storm brewing on the horizon.  It’s the faint scratching at your door in the dead of the night.  It’s cold steel that’s been possessed by demons that are here to guide you into the tunnel.  Turn it the fuck up.

– MCG.

earthdiver – “leave something witchy”

leave something witchy

Nothing says 2019 like a green pair of goblin titty’s. However, there’s a scene in the movie Singles with the late/great Layne Staley, where he’s whipping crusty blonde dreads like a pixie possessed. Cut through the mire of that sappy dating shit and expose what that movie is really about, which is about honing in on a very specific sound. The Seattle sound at it’s core was about taking classic rock hooks and dipping them into a molasses-like cauldron. Earthdiver have evoked that feeling once again on the fantastically titled, “Leave Something Witchy.” A great title which to me, means leave your mark on this world any way you want but hopefully you’ll leave it a little spookier and a little more tuned up than when you found it. We do so much monotonous shit on a daily basis why not attack the mundane with a little life and energy.

I hear something in this young band as they drop in like an Alice in Chains fronted by Henry Rollins. What surprised me most is that this ep, their debut release, was put together before they played their first gig. They open the album with a little spoken monologue and then the bottom falls out into an evergreen fuzz bomb. The low end soon takes over and the grooves come in slow and heavy but what caught my ear upon first listen was the raw, grungey sound. Plus I like the idea of a hardcore screamer fronting a stoner rock band. If these guys are bursting outta the gates like this something special and super fucking witchy will soon follow! – Apache Slomo 




Ones We Missed: Modern Meta Physic by Peel Dream Magazine

In spite of my relentless pursuit of new music throughout each year, it is without fail that some slip through the cracks.  The first instance of this in 2019 comes in the form of Modern Meta Physic by Peel Dream Magazine.  This album is floating in a pool, deep in a haze, trying to make sense of it all in a manner that suggests that none of it matters anyway.  It’s quiet and fuzzed out, upbeat and eccentric.  This was released on October 5, 2018 and will very likely be my 2019 album of the summer.

– MCG.

The 50 Best Albums of 2018.

So many good albums this year, so little time.  I’m not going to sit here and try to tie in the music that was made with the social climate and cultural happenings, enough people do that, but I will say that a lot of what I found to be the most interesting and enthralling this year was pissed off, aggressive, rough-edged music that was born out of clear anger and frustration.  There was plenty of beautiful and fun stuff as well.  Here are our 50 best albums of 2018.


 50.  Some Rap Songs by Earl Sweatshirt

I have no doubts that if this thing would’ve been released sooner than the very end of November that it would be much higher up on the list, but given the album’s immediacy I had to get it on here.  With the lo-fi sound, the vinyl sampling, the short and concise run-time with flashes of brilliance throughout, and the message, Earl somehow managed to surpass all the expectations and hype.

– MCG.


49.  Pre Strike Sweep by Gøggs 

Just Ty doing his thing with the dude from Ex-Cult going hard, scuzzy and fast. Like a Stooges for the new era!



48.  I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer. by The Body

The Body are as prolific as it gets; they also released a great split with Uniform this year.  The guest vocals really separate this album for me.  It’s a dark and brutal journey.

– MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Nothing Stirs”, “The West Has Failed”, “An Urn”


47.  Fame and Fortune by Mick’s Jaguar

This album puts the Stones swagger right in play with a side of New York cool! This is pure rock n’ roll that will have you pissing in the streets in no time.


46.  Infant Island by Infant Island

A great debut by a band that grabs you by the throat and demands you pay attention.  Tamed aggression with a clear and precise path.  It’s a beautiful thing.

– MCG.


45.  Siesta by Hater

Last year, Hater’s You Tried was near the top of my list.  Siesta has yet to strike the same chord with me, but it gets better with every listen.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “It’s So Easy”, “The Mornings”, “Cut Me Loose”

– MCG.


44.  Big Red Machine by Big Red Machine

Look, you could compile a list of the most boring things in the world, have Justin Vernon sing it, and I would eat it up with tears in my eyes.  He can do no wrong in my book, and so his collaboration with Aaron Dessner from The National (another band that can do no wrong for me) is obviously I find this extremely pleasurable.

– MCG.


43.  Basic Behaviour by FRIGS

This is Savages if Savages was a little more filthy and unsettling.  What else need be said?

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Chest”, “Trashyard”

– MCG.


42.  Lithium Zion by Deaf Wish

Top notch post-punk with alternating male and female vocals.  This album sets a mood; it throws you in the soup and stirs it around with calculated recklessness.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “The Rat Is Back”, “Deep Blue Cheated” (great name and reference), “Birthday”, “Smoke”


41.  Little Acts of Destruction by Red Hare

Red Hare bring the D.C. Dischord punk right to your door. With street cred for days due to production duties of J. Robbins and a band comprised of Bluetip and Swizz members.


40.  Street Worms by Viagra Boys

Groovy and fun, sleazy and silly (“we had a little dog, such a little dog, but it reminded me of a large dog, just a-miniature sized”); it’s hard not to put on my sunglasses indoors and gyrate around my apartment whenever I throw this on.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Just Like You”, “Shrimp Shack”, “Down in the Basement”


39.  Czarface Meets Metal Face by CZARFACE/MF DOOM

Inspectah Deck has long been one of the best lyricists in the Wu-Tang Clan (and for my money, the most underrated), and MF DOOM has long been one of the underground’s most cherished and lauded emcees.  Deck has been putting in a crazy amount of work with Czarface, the group he formed with 7L and Esoteric, and now this collaboration album with DOOM is everything that you would expect it to be; hard beats and hard rhymes.

 – MCG.


38.  All This Will Be by Closer

Closer’s debut is a choke slam.  I love a female vocalist that sounds like she’s on the edge of losing it, spewing venom and frothing at the mouth.  I knew when I first heard this album back at the beginning of the year that it would be here on my list.  It’s an audible onslaught and it deserves to be heard.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “This Year”, “Hardly Art”, “An Athema”, “Birdhouse”


37.  Hope Downs by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Goddamn this album will always smell like summer to me. I cracked many grapefruit sculpin’s poolside just killing time before my daughter would be born in the fall.


36.  TRU by Ovlov

Beautiful fuzz-rock made for digging in and/or drifting away.  Whatever you do with this album, make sure you do it loudly.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “The Best of You”, “Grab It From The Garden”,


35.  Obey by Exploded View

Industrial/experimental/ambient post-rock?  Sign me the fuck up.  It’s so ominous and still so groovy.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Dark Stains”, “Sleepers”, “Raven Raven”, “Come On Honey”, “Rant”


34.  High Reeper by High Reeper

Like Black Sabbath and Motorhead splooged into your whiskey sour, these guys bring the no frills rockn’roll hard and heavy. Plus I’ve already heard the follow up is on it’s way next year. These guys are the future!


33.  Electric Messiah by High On Fire

We all know High On Fire will eat Lemmy’s splooge for breakfast. On Electric Messiah Pike takes a puff of that good stuff and drops the hammer on that ass!


32.  Warm Drag by Warm Drag

Scuzzy experimental post-punk that makes me want to party.  This is that double-fisting, burning the midnight hash oil album here for your debaucherous pleasure.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Crusin’ the Night”, “End Times”, “No Body”, “Lost Time”


31.  Survival of the Fiendish by Timmy’s Organism

One of the coolest garage rock bands going! I fell into Heartless Heathen this year big time just before Survival of the Fiendish dropped. Don’t fool yourselves, Guzzle Gasoline is the song of the year!


30.  Bay Dream by Culture Abuse

Another banger album that mixes well with those summer waves and a good bag of weed. Reminds me of those good nineties albums that you could jam on repeat front to back just scooping up old friends for a nice day outside!


29.  Bloody Lovely by DZ Deathrays

This one will be slept on by most but trust me when I tell you it holds up to repeat listens especially when it’s time to get the blood pumping. Bringing straight Aussie fire right here.


28.  Jericho Sirens by Hot Snakes

Ahh yes,  the prodigal son returned to me this year in the form of Hot Snakes! As I would put Suicide Invoice as one of my favorite albums of all time. Jericho Sirens spared no expense and picked up right where they left off with Audit In Progress which is throat rippin’ punk n’ roll! Froberg is God!!


27.  Soft Hell by Pill

More post-punk, but with a pinch of jazz instruments and Spanish vocals separating them from other albums in the same class released this year.  A very fun listen, and album cover of the year, no doubt.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Sin Compromiso”, “Double Think”, “Softer Side”


26.  Pandemonium by Black Rainbows

Italian stoner boogie with a nostril caked full of space dust! Nuff Said!!


25.  The Modern Act of Setting Ablaze by Mantar

Do you dig Doomriders?  If so this little behemoth mixes crust, doom, and black metal with the best of them. What gets me with this album and is the true testament is that the songs stick with you like a nail in the head!


24.  Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by Arctic Monkeys

I have great admiration for Arctic Monkeys after this.  They could have easily made AM II and became the biggest rock band in the world, yet they decided to take a hard left turn and go full lounge lizard.  There are some real hits here, and some misses as well, but the general overall feel is very refreshing and interesting.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”, “Four Out Of Five”, “The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip”, “The Ultracheese”


23.  Time & Space by Turnstile

Turnstile are a fuck ton of fun to watch live!  This is what punk is made of, kids burning it off on stage honing their craft. Can’t wait to see what they bring us next!


22.  7 by Beach House

Beach House doing more Beach House things, just slightly spiced up and more urgently.  That’s a good thing; they are one of a kind and we need them.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Lemon Glow”, “Drunk In LA”, “Black Car”


21.  Television by Spiritual Cramp

Watch out for these guys!  They are clearly going for the jugular and are putting out great songs at an easy clip. Their influences mix the Clash and the Talking Heads but with the garage punk vigor of the New York Dolls!


20.  We Already Lost the World by Birds In Row

Hailing from France and pulling no punches, Birds In Row constructed this album in a way that keeps your toes.  You can never be sure when a lull or onslaught is going to end or begin.  It’s an unrelenting, well-crafted roller coaster.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “15-38”, “We Count So We Don’t Have To Listen”, “Fossils”


19.  Let God Sort Em Out by No Problem

My choice for punk album of the year goes to No Problem.  It was evident upon first listen of No Justice No Peace, one of the rowdiest fucking ditties put to tape this year!


18.  All At Once by Screaming Females

Slowly becoming one of my favorite bands due to the fact that Marissa Paternoster has really started to hone in on what it takes to make a great album.  The songs on All at Once shred, slink, strut and pounce just when it counts.


17.  Dave’s Dungeon by Avon

You probably won’t find this hidden gem on many peoples list this year but believe me when I tell you Avon don’t fuck around.  They seamlessly meld psych, stoner boogie and brit pop like the true professionals they are.


16.  Drift by The Men

The Men have been consistently inconsistent with their sound, perhaps to prevent anyone from pigeonholing them, which makes every album a pleasant surprise.  They pulled a little of everything from their bag of tricks and included the kitchen sink for this one, a versatile and intriguing piece that keeps you guessing throughout.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Maybe I’m Crazy”, “Rose on Top of the World”, “So High”, “Come to Me”


15.  Mindfucker by Monster Magnet

When I look back on the history of Monster Magnet I’m certainly in awe of what they have created.  I remember walking into a Peaches record store at the age of 16 and taking a chance on Dopes to Infinity. Let’s just say it’s been space spliff bliss ever since and Mindfucker is a great testament to their legend.


14.  DAYTONA by Pusha T

To me it has always seemed that Pusha was trying to challenge himself and the listener with his beat selection, so with this being entirely produced by Kanye West, and West taking it back to his beginnings with how he constructed these beats, it really gave Pusha a platform to shine on that he hadn’t had since the early Clipse albums.  The album is full of shining little moments, and the conciseness really lends to replay value.  By far and away my most played hip-hop album of the year.  If you know, you really do know.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Santeria”, “Come Back Baby”, “What Would Meek Do?”


13.  Wide Awake! by Parquet Courts

Parquet’s just keep getting better with age crafting tighter and hookier songs that lodge themselves in your head.  Freebird II is best enjoyed with a little smoke and a margarita!


12.  Joy as an Act of Resistance. by IDLES

Dubbed the next best thing in brit punk by many astute music critics.  They bring the thunder like a hookier, heftier Future of the Left, and who doesn’t need a band like that?


11.  Freedom’s Goblin by Ty Segall

If you ain’t on Ty time I don’t know what to tell you!  The guy plays in like 6 different bands at a time and drops 5 albums per year. Alta will melt your heart and She will rip it straight outta your chest.


10.  Dance on the Blacktop by Nothing

Nothing’s sound is something to behold and to treasure.  They do what they do so well.  This album hit me like a ton of beautiful bricks and it continues to hurt so good.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Zero Day”, “You Wind Me Up”, “I Hate the Flowers”, “(Hope) Is Just Another Word with a Hole in It”


9.  Rootstock by Crypt Trip
Another hidden gem brought to you by Heavy Psych Sounds. An absolute stunner that brings me right back to my teenage years of Led Zep and Sabbath. Such a warm listen, slip on the headphones and rip a little to get the full effect of Aquarena Daydream.


8.  Smote Reverser by Thee Oh Sees
What would I do without Thee Oh Sees or Ty Segall?  The whole album rides but for me Last Peace into Moon Bog puts them at the top of their game. It also goes without saying that these guys will rip your throat out live!


7.  And Nothing Hurt by Spiritualized

This album is so happy that it makes me sad.  Or maybe it’s so sad that it makes me happy.  Probably the first one, but in any event, it’s a real emotion-evoking stunner and it was released at the perfect time for me.  Add to that the Vonnegut-inspired title and this is something that just resonates deep inside of me and will continue to do so.

 – MCG.


6.  Room Inside the World by Ought

Just growing and stretching into a new machine Ought crafted very thoughtful and liquid sounds on Room Inside the World.  This is the album that will allow them to move in any direction they please and that they got the chops to do it.


5.  God’s Favorite Customer by Father John Misty

I could go on and on about Josh Tillman’s incredible voice, impeccable melody craftsmanship, sense of humor, intelligence, wit, beard, and a handful of other things.  I really could.  The narrative behind this album as been well stated, but what really matters is how damn good he is at making music.  The music itself speaks for itself, and if you “just don’t get it” when it comes to Father John Misty, then I truly feel sorry for you because he is one of the very best artists of this decade.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Just Dumb Enough to Try”, “Please Don’t Die”, “God’s Favorite Customer”, “We’re Only People (And There’s Not Much Anyone Can Do About That)”


4.  Virtue by The Voidz

Let me start by saying Julian Casablancas can do no wrong in my book.  Now, that said, I honestly think volume 2 in The Voidz saga is packed full of truly great melodies, and not at the sake of experimenting, which they did here just as much, if not more, than their first album.  There is madness going on here, and it is PERFECT.  Such a fun album and it has held up very well throughout the year.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Leave It In My Dreams” (my song of the year), “QYURRYUS”, “Pyramid of Bones”, “ALieNNAtioN”, “Wink”


3.  Burnt Sugar by Gouge Away  

Gouge Away reeled it in a bit with this one, turning from the pure aggression of the past to a more focused aggression full of ear worms and sprinkled with perfectly placed melodies and grooves.  The result is a focused effort that is cohesive, energizing, and fun which makes it as easily re-playable as any other album released this year.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  “Only Friend”, “Stray/Burnt Sugar”, “Dis s o c i a t i o n”


2.  Beyondless by Iceage

It has been a thrilling ride watching Iceage get to this point.  From the pure, blistering energy on their first album to the concise and restrained absolute perfection here on Beyondless, they have taken huge leaps with every effort.  This album is sequenced better than any other album released this year, flowing perfectly and giving the songs even more power than they already have standing alone.  The A-side is a call to arms and the B-side is an awe-inspiring bestowal that gains steam until the culmination in the title track.  Always a band with clear potential, it seems as though they have realized it, and now it is hard to imagine how they can keep this pace up.  I am looking forward to seeing where they go next.

 – MCG.

STANDOUT SONGS:  Every single fucking one of them.


1.  Ordinary Corrupt Human Love by Deafheaven    

Such a cool band drops pretty much a spot the influence type album.  The best part is how they meld their influences within the course of a song.  To me Honeycomb hits like a modern day November Rain and doesn’t let up until Worthless Animal. Many layers here people!

The 10 Best Albums of Quarter 3, 2018.

Quarter 3 was ridiculous.  An embarrassment of riches was bestowed upon us, particularly in the shape of hard, rough, dark, filthy, fast, out of control music.  This short list is chock full of it.  There are many more left off that we could’ve substituted in order to have more variety, but when it comes down to it, these were the sounds of the summer, and this summer rocked hard.


Smote Reverser by Thee Oh Sees 

What more can I say about this band who continues to slowly morph into this fluid prog-psych rock n’ roll machine. In my head I see John Dwyer and Ty Segall constantly trying to one up each other and if I’m being honest, if I had to survive on their catalogs alone I could easily do so. Smote Reverser ended up really hitting the spot for me and is something I can enjoy on plush headphones in the gym or getting high and going for a scenic car ride taking in all that mother nature has to offer. – Apache Slomo



Ordinary Corrupt Human Love by Deafheaven

The fourth album from one of the best and most important bands currently doing it surely did not disappoint.  They found ways to push the envelope even further with this effort, continuing the separation from their contemporaries and what is expected of a “metal” band.  This is a one of a kind album from a one of a kind band and it feels timeless already.



Burnt Sugar by Gouge Away 

Coming on like a perfect mix of Jesus Lizard and Fugazi this Florida band knows what they want. On Burnt Sugar they soak up the rays and cook off the fat of the aforementioned bands and cherry pick the parts that get them off. The first time I heard them I said ok, a female fronted Metz, we need this! The rhythm section is fucking air tight and it doesn’t hurt that they tapped the right people to record this one. For me, Gouge Away have just creeped into a list of female fronted bands that take absolutely no prisoners such as White Lung, Screaming Females and the Coathangers! – Apache Slomo



Dance on the Blacktop by Nothing

Nothing has a sound that they have been honing in on with every album they release, and with Dance on the Blacktop, it feels like they are getting very close to perfecting it.  Shiny guitars slowly swirling and building a wall of sound out of the darkness with lyrics about dying, and about living, and about being on the edge of both make this an interesting listen over and over again.



Joy as an Act of Resistance. by IDLES 

It is a great pleasure to introduce you to IDLES as they are indeed the future of post punk. A modern day amalgam of the best the genre has to offer. When they first popped on the scene reading through their list of influences was quite inspiring as it was a lot of state of the art hip-hop, jazz and speed metal. Usually when I see things that I say ok this band is going to fuck with the formula and on Joy as an Act of Resistance they go straight for the jugular. Basically a post punk Faith No More if you will, I can’t wait to see what they do next! – Apache Slomo



We Already Lost The World by Birds In Row

Sometimes it’s truly great to be able to shout along to the music and feel like you’re losing control of yourself for a moment.  There are a wide variety of hooks tucked away in this album that pop up without warning, keeping you guessing throughout its entirety.



The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze by Mantar 

Mantar put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner. When the lights go out the Modern Art of Setting Ablaze lights the way with a heavy dynamic that is way to expressive for the band consisting of two members. They blend crust, doom, speed and death metal in a tight explosive package that pummels those in it’s wake. Another great album for the gym, by the time Dynasty of Nails hits you will feel no pain. For fans of High On Fire, Cobalt or the Doomriders! – Apache Slomo



Rhea Sylvia by Thou

This album snarls and crawls toward you, leaving claw marks in the floor and complete darkness behind it, and it does so at a slow but steady pace so you can see it coming, but you know there’s nothing you can do about it.  This is the third different themed EP released by Thou in as many months this year in the build up to their new full length album Magus, and of all they’ve done this summer, to me this feels like the most meticulous and diabolical.

 – MCG


Let God Sort Em Out by No Problem   

Deranged Records have been killing the game this year! They know punk thrives in the shadows and fucked up clubs and No Problem’s Let God Sort ‘Em Out is no different. This has by far been my favorite punk album of the year but when you flank it with the new Tarantula and Spiritual Cramp ep’s also out on Deranged it makes the future look even brighter or bleaker depending on how you look at it. Standouts No Justice No Peace and Eyes of a Killer zip by in a flash but leave a heavy imprint like only good punk rock can do! – Apache Slomo




And Nothing Hurt by Spiritualized

I don’t know how else to describe this album other than “pretty” and “beautiful”.  It’s such a calming, entrancing, and tender piece of music that induces many deep breaths and sighs throughout.  The nod to the classic Vonnegut line “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” only ratchets up my appreciation for this work of art.  If this is Jason Pierce’s swan song, it’s the perfect goodbye.

IDLES- Joy as an Act of Resistance

IDLES Joy As an Act of Resistance

God save the IDLES for celebrating our humanity! At just a glance at the above album art you are at a wedding where everything’s groovy. A closer look brings out something that is in our human nature, our innate ability to destroy something beautiful, a diabolical piss in the kitchen sink if you will. We have Joe Talbot to thank for that who comes off like a hard nosed, verbose, drunken scholar. Cut from the same cloth as the likes of Andrew Falkous and Protomartyr’s Joe Casey. Where it gets really bombastic is the music itself, which has the ability to deliver fucking rock solid tune after tune. We have a true album band here people! While they harbor post-punk tendencies this is a band that draws influences from all across the board. Brutalism stayed in constant rotation from March of last year right up to the release of Joy and all I can say is I wish all my favorite bands made it that easy. So as someone who was raised on Mclusky, Million Dead and Icarus Line this is music to my ears that hits like a punch to the gut! – Apache Slomo 

“A Warm Place” by Nine Inch Nails

For a long time this was my alarm ringtone every morning, but through changing phones and time it got lost.  Some feelings are beyond explanation with words, I think we all know that.  I try my best to though, at least when it comes to music, so that maybe people can understand where I am coming from and perhaps feel it too.  The feelings I have that correlate to certain music are some of the strongest and most intense that I have ever felt.  Something happens with certain albums and songs that takes over me.  I can’t imagine a deeper connection to something than that.  It makes me think that, somehow, the music is inside of me.  Maybe those specific vibrations in that order coincide with the sequencing of my DNA.  Maybe it’s connected to my brain chemistry and thus how I interpret the world.  Maybe my life experiences up until now make certain music resonate deeper than others, and in myself deeper than it does in other people.  I am unable to put my finger on it and I am certain that I never will, I just know what I hear a song like “A Warm Place” by Nine Inch Nails, it evokes such a tender sentiment that a calming breathlessness comes over me.  Nothing else makes me feel more present in the moment as these three minutes.  This is tangible life in an audible form.  Just recently, I switched it back to my alarm ringtone, it feels good to wake up every day in “A Warm Place”.

– MCG.