Living within the circle.

Music is everything to me.  I always have something playing, even if only in my head, and it’s to the point where I am uncomfortable in silence.  I listen to it, watch it, create it by myself and with friends, read about it, think about it.  Love it.  Live it.  So with a life dedicated to music in every possible way, I figure, why not write about it as well?  This is going to be, in honor of made up statistics, a blog consisting of 99% musical thoughts of mine.  I’m going to post one entry per week aiming towards Sunday evening, when everyone is bummed and pissed off about the upcoming work week.  Perhaps if you enjoy music in any amount it will be something worth checking up on, and if you think I suck and what I have to say is irrelevant, then it will just bum you out and piss you off further.  For those of you that know me, and I expect only people who know me will be reading this unless someone happens to somehow stumble upon my little dark corner of the internet, a lot of the early topics will most likely be things you’ve heard me say or have seen me post on Facebook, but as it progresses new thoughts and ideas will be what fuels this experiment so I hope you stick around.  Any feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated and encouraged, because I love to converse about music as well, especially since it’s the only thing I’m good at conversing about.  There it is, the reason and disclaimer, see you soon.