The feelings that are catalyzed by music.

The power of music to evoke feelings and emotions in people is well documented.  For me certain feelings are predominant when music is involved.  Quite frequently, I will be listening to a song, often one I have heard hundreds upon hundreds of times, and I will hear it in a new way, or the music will overcome me in a way that it previously had not.  This most often leads to a surge of energy and an intense wave of chills throughout my body.  Every now and then it’s so overwhelming that tears will form because of the extreme joy these uncontrollable sensations bring with them.  That moment within the music can be utterly inundating.  You feel like the music is a part of you, or that you are a part of the music.  The beauty of this is never knowing when it will occur, and having to wait patiently with absolutely no control over its arrival.  For me this makes listening to music unpredictable, and I liken it to riding a roller coaster with a blindfold on.

Another common feeling I get involving music relates to creating it.  I play (or attempt to play, at least) a few instruments.  I would say I am fairly novice as far as musicianship is concerned, however, the feeling I get when I pick an instrument up and having the inspiration to create something there inside of me is unparalleled.  There is something very special about having something in your hands and having the energy and innovation at the tip of your brain to let it escape.  There are days when I pick up my bass and nothing to speak of happens, and the doubt creeps in that maybe I am truly horrible at this, and I should stop embarrassing myself.  Then, there are the days I pick it up, and it just comes pouring out.  I feel like it is an extension of my body; that I completely control it and can do with it whatever I please.  Surely it isn’t noticeable to anyone else, neither visibly nor audibly, but that feeling is pure euphoria.  Even better is when you have that same feeling while in a room with friends or fellow musicians who are playing as well, whether they are striving toward the same feeling or not.  To me it feels like someone hit a human tuning fork, and the energy given off by everyone in the room is vibrating at the same frequency.  It is a fleeting feeling, one that also cannot be controlled.  You just have to musically dive in, head first, be completely helpless, and hope that it finds you because in all honesty, there is nothing else like it.



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