Circle the Pew Morning Dew

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Cut open the Coppertone and smell like you just went walk-a-bout!!



  • Apache Slomo 

Julian Casablancas Attempting to Fill an Unknown Void(z)

This week, two new songs have been released by Julian Casablancas with his secondary band, The Voidz, and if it wasn’t apparent before with their first album, Tyranny, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that The Strokes are dead, and along with it, their sound.  It is possible he is attempting to blaze a new trail once more.  He almost single-handedly started a movement in the early 2000’s with The Strokes, it’s quite possible he’s attempting to do it once again in a complete opposite direction.  The Voidz aren’t a tangent, they’re an about-face.  It’s like desperately wanting some honey because you know how good it tastes and instead getting lemon juice; different flavors and sensations, yet both are good in their own right.  One thing I know for sure is that I’m on board.  All hail, in Julian I trust.



The Sufis – After Hours

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I really wanted to come out of the gates swinging with the first post for 2018 but it looks like we’ll be swinging in a more mellow fashion. First off I’ve been seeing this album art pop up on my feed from Burger Records for months now and it catches my eye every time. There’s just something about a naughty nun smoking cigs on a beach that just peaks my interest. So I was pleasantly surprised when I hit play and what popped off was a warm and sexy night time, honey shaker of an album. Smooth synths and flexible drums settle in quickly making this the perfect album to arrive home from a long day of work, pour a drink and kick the feet up to. IYLYWL – Toro Y Moi, Kyle Craft, Belle & Sebastian, Dirty Fences. – Apache Slomo 

West Coast Wednesday: “Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha” by Kurupt (ft. Daz Dillinger)

West Coast Wednesday is back after a few weeks off to let the year-end list simmer a bit.  Time to get the heads ringin’ again.


 – MCG.

Street Sects – Rat Jacket

If your hitting the shoppes this holiday season do it to Street Sects Rat Jacket. Perfect for creeping up and down the isle and wondering if those people just waved at you to snag their spot. So many flavors just boiling over the top on this one, pretty much a spot the influence knuckle grinder. If you’re robbing banks or snorting crank, this be your beast! IYLYWL- Pop. 1280, Useless Eaters, Slug Guts, Radar Eyes. – Apache Slomo







Atomic Bitchwax – Force Field

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Roll your windows down and feel the earth move! Or just roll one up and hit cruise control, either way I think this ones best enjoyed in motion. With the rhythm section of Monster Magnet its safe to say these guys are far beyond Wyndorf’s shadow. This is after all their 7th album with no signs of slowing down. The production here is spot on, everything snaps with crisp energy and rumbles where it should. Now I know the kids today could give a fuck about KISS but one thing I’ve noticed over the years is that bands that worship them know how to fucking play guitar! See video below for proof. IYLYWL – Gorilla Pulp, Kal-El, Wo Fat, Telekinetic Yeti. – Apache Slomo 

Material Control by Glassjaw

Glassjaw’s first full length album in 15 years feels different.  It’s the same bludgeoning, relentless, powerful music but it feels more calculated.  More like it has a methodical plan with unknown intentions as opposed to their previous efforts which felt like a speeding train that could go off the rails at any moment.  The hooks and melodies aren’t as apparent, but there is no doubt they exist.  In any event, it’s good.  In fact, it’s fucking good.  Where their contemporaries At The Drive-In failed to captivate with their 2017 comeback which had it’s moments but overall felt hollow, Glassjaw delivered a nonstop stream of twisted consciousness that punches you in the mouth, and after all these years, that familiar pain is very welcomed.


 – MCG.

Spaceslug – Time Travel Dilema

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Ride the Slug into oblivion! I like my doom to still kinda of zip so this one fits the bill just right. A total headphone immersion as you go from spacey tones to crunchy riffs. Like that bowl of cereal that has just the right ratio of soggy to firm flakes! IYLYWL – The Well, Dopelord, Green Yeti, Atomic BitchwaxApache Slomo

These New South Whales

Master thy craft with These New South Whales You Work For Us

Basically if you liked that first Kooks album and wish they turned punk instead of panty waste! I had to address this while it was fresh to me, one thing I’ve always loved is the great albums you find after your year end list is done. IYLYWL – Los Campesinos, Drunk Mums, Dumb Punts and Los Scallywags. Don’t sleep on this whole Aussie Punk thing going down. All the way from Sydney, Australia God Bless Ya!! – Apache Slomo