Top 10 Deftones songs.


Deftones have long been a huge influence on my life in just about every conceivable way.  One of the first rock bands I really loved, so many great memories with their music in the background, one of the main reasons I wanted to start making myself, etc.  They just released a new album last Firday (04.08.16) and it’s a great one that will most assuredly fit right into their large catalog of outstanding records that toe the perfect line between angry aggression and beautiful ambient spaciousness.   Given the new release I’ve been inspired to tally up my personal favorite (not greatest) 10 tracks of theirs:

10. “Sextape”; such a fitting name…

09. “Knife Prty”; …part two of the film.

08. “Kimdracula”; I think this is one of their most underrated, as is Saturday Night Wrist overall, despite the bands’ own dislike for how it turned out.

07. “Dai the Flu”; Dai was Chi’s middle name, and as simple as this bass riff is, it’s got the flu, alright.

06. “Rocket Skates”; so fucking relentless.

05. “When Girls Telephone Boys”; scream “SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH YOU” along with it and tell me you don’t feel alive.

04. “My Own Summer (Shove It)”; the most filthy mcnasty opening riff ever, and you want to talk about screaming…“SHOVEITSHOVEITSHOVEIT!!!!!!!”

03. “Digital Bath”; …the climax.

02. “Riviere”; “she haunts the roads…”, that last 20 seconds is bliss. Perfect closing track to follow the penultimate “Kimdracula” mentioned above.  A few months after Chi Cheng passed I saw them live and Chino dedicated this one to Chi before they played it; that probably makes it hit a little harder for me.

01. “Pink Maggit”. Such a slow starter, but if you make it through the scream/screetch/squeal, it’ll take you to the next dimension. I worked graveyard shift in a laboratory straight out of college and my drive to work is when I found this song, must’ve listened to it every night for a month and it got me through hating that job. “…we are the leaders”

I didn’t feel right including any Gore tracks because as great as some of them are, there hasn’t been enough time for it to soak into their catalog and disperse yet, no Koi No Yokan tracks because I feel it’s more of an overall effort (however, there would’ve been 3 or 4 from that album if I listed songs 11-20), and none from Adrenaline because as big of an impact that has had on me being a musician (“One Weak” is a MAJOR reason I wanted to start playing bass), I feel the pure aggression doesn’t hold up to the quality of songs they put out after.

Everyone be sure to check out Gore because after all these years, Deftones just keep knocking them out of the fucking park, and despite whatever label people try to place on them they continue to slip, bob and weave, and counter punch any simple genre classification with veteran timing and suaveness.  They are their own entity, and I’m forever grateful for what they’ve done.

– MCG.