“A Warm Place” by Nine Inch Nails

For a long time this was my alarm ringtone every morning, but through changing phones and time it got lost.  Some feelings are beyond explanation with words, I think we all know that.  I try my best to though, at least when it comes to music, so that maybe people can understand where I am coming from and perhaps feel it too.  The feelings I have that correlate to certain music are some of the strongest and most intense that I have ever felt.  Something happens with certain albums and songs that takes over me.  I can’t imagine a deeper connection to something than that.  It makes me think that, somehow, the music is inside of me.  Maybe those specific vibrations in that order coincide with the sequencing of my DNA.  Maybe it’s connected to my brain chemistry and thus how I interpret the world.  Maybe my life experiences up until now make certain music resonate deeper than others, and in myself deeper than it does in other people.  I am unable to put my finger on it and I am certain that I never will, I just know what I hear a song like “A Warm Place” by Nine Inch Nails, it evokes such a tender sentiment that a calming breathlessness comes over me.  Nothing else makes me feel more present in the moment as these three minutes.  This is tangible life in an audible form.  Just recently, I switched it back to my alarm ringtone, it feels good to wake up every day in “A Warm Place”.

– MCG.


Throwback Thursday: “Physical (You’re So) by Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails have released two EPs in the past 9 months, Not the Actual Events at the end of last year and Add Violence a few weeks back, both of which are great.  In 1992, on the heels of his incredible, supernova burst onto the music scene debut album Pretty Hate Machine, and a couple years before his game-changing magnum opus The Downward Spiral, Trent Reznor released another EP called Broken, and it is perfect front to back.  Here’s a gem that hides in the shadows cast by a few of the other tracks.



 – MCG.