Material Control by Glassjaw

Glassjaw’s first full length album in 15 years feels different.  It’s the same bludgeoning, relentless, powerful music but it feels more calculated.  More like it has a methodical plan with unknown intentions as opposed to their previous efforts which felt like a speeding train that could go off the rails at any moment.  The hooks and melodies aren’t as apparent, but there is no doubt they exist.  In any event, it’s good.  In fact, it’s fucking good.  Where their contemporaries At The Drive-In failed to captivate with their 2017 comeback which had it’s moments but overall felt hollow, Glassjaw delivered a nonstop stream of twisted consciousness that punches you in the mouth, and after all these years, that familiar pain is very welcomed.


 – MCG.


Throwback Thursday: “Machine Gun” by Jimi Hendrix

If I had the impossible task of choosing one song to listen to for the rest of my life, this would be it.  Pure emotion expressed through music in a way that no one else had every done nor will ever do.


 – MCG.

Throwback Thursday: “Someday” by The Strokes

I got in a little online debate this week about which band that broke out around the turn of the century would have the best “greatest hits” list at this point.  The article was about Phoenix and how good they are, but I offered up The Strokes as a counterpoint (others were also mentioned, but that’s not the point here).  I think a lot about The Strokes’ debut album Is This It; how it’s perfect in so many ways, how it’s one of the best debut albums ever, how it would easily be one of my choices if I were to be stranded on a deserted island and could only take three albums with me, how it was recorded, etc., so with all that on mind almost constantly, and given the debate I had this week, I chose my favorite Strokes song off of their debut for this edition of throwback Thursday.

“See, alone we stand, together we fall apart,
Yeah, I think I’ll be alright…”


– MCG.

Stream Strange Places by METZ

NPR is killing the game today.  How can I listen to all these great albums at once?!  If you weren’t ready to kick enough asses after that Chelsea Wolfe, METZ have you covered.  Speaking of covered, I love the album art for this.

– MCG.

Throwback Thursday: “Honey Bucket” by Melvins

Time to fight?  Time to kill?  Time to run through a brick wall?  Time to drink acid and spit fire?  Time to smash everything?  Time to annihilate anything in your path?  Time to kick a hole in the fucking universe?  Throw this on…

 – MCG.

Throwback Thursday: “If Only” by Queens of the Stone Age

I’ve been a fan of Queens of the Stone Age since I heard “Spiders & Vinegaroons” on the Kyuss/QOTSA split EP.  They’ve been doing it big, dirty, sexy, grimey, and sleazy in the absolute best ways possible for a long time.

I don’t like the new album, Villians, for a number of reasons, and it seems like overall the reviews are mixed; it’s a love or hate thing with the new one, and I happen to fall into the latter group.  That said, it’s not going to keep me from enjoying their previous six albums to their fullest extent.  They’ve been one of my favorite bands for a really long time and that’s not going to change.

So, with all of that said, here’s one of the first songs Homme recorded after Kyuss broke up.  Throwback to the good ol’ days.

 – MCG.

Contempt by Couch Slut

The new album Contempt by band Couch Slut is an spews aggression over hardcore and metal riffs that will undoubtedly have your head banging along to it.  It grabs you by the face and doesn’t relent for it’s entire 7 track 44 minute duration.  The longest tracks “Summer Smiles” and “Won’t Come” are the highlights for me, with the middle sections breathing in some brooding moments to balance out the assault.  It’s perfect; listen below via Spotify:



 – MCG