Song of the Week (01.25.16-01.31.16)

Sometimes I get so caught up in my relentless pursuit of new music, both inside of my personal genre-sphere and out, that the music I love the most takes a backseat.  A good thing about that though is when I do get around to revisiting it, I fall in love all over again and I’ll go through an obsession period akin to when I first discovered the band where my appetite for their music is insatiable and anything else just won’t do the trick.  So, for this week’s song, I decided to highlight one of my all-time favorites again.

This week Trent Reznor released his eulogy to David Bowie.  Personally, I’m not a huge Bowie fan. I respect him and his influence to the utmost degree, but his music isn’t something that I visit with often, save a dozen or so songs. When he died, I was surprised how much it affected me. I was sad and depressed right along with people who have his discography memorized, and I couldn’t figure out why. It’s most likely attributed to the loss of a legend, the realization of mortality and fact that everybody dies, even the greatest of us. I also think some of it had to do with knowing how much Bowie had impacted Reznor being that Reznor is one of, if not the most, singular most influential musician thus far in my life in regards to how I listen to music, think about music, and most of all how I create my own music.   I don’t need to sit here and talk about Reznor’s compositional genius because it’s well documented.  So when Bowie died, I kept thinking that if I was feeling like that about his death then Reznor must be crushed by it, and that might also have added to my unsuspecting emotions I was/am feeling. It was great to read Trent’s thoughts and how Bowie was such a huge inspiration to him, just as Trent is to me, and also helped him through his alcohol and drug addiction just by being there for him and being himself.  Bowie really was a one-time-only soul.

First of all, here’s one of my many favorite Nine Inch Nails songs that might be unknown to casual fans:

Secondly, here’s one of the many collaborations between Bowie and Reznor:


– MCG.


Song of the Week (12.27.15-01.02.16)

To keep the comeback rolling, here’s one of my favorite songs of the year off one of the albums that just barely missed my Top 10 list.  I love the simplicity of the drums and how they let them breathe at points throughout the song in order to accentuate the riff and the vocals.  Well done, sirs.